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CSM Course Overview

3Back’s Certified Scrum Master training provides the tools and information necessary to help you get started with Scrum at your own company. Through a combination of robust simulations, hands-on experience and high-quality instruction, students will learn the fundamentals of Scrum and how to facilitate, coach and lead an agile project.

What You Get With Scrum Master Training in Hartford

[pl_accordion name=”3backdiff”][pl_accordioncontent name=”studyguide” number=”1″ heading=”FREE Scrum Study Guide”]As a Certified Scrum Master Training participant, you will receive 3Back’s exclusive Scrum Study Guide (a $49.95 value), including 2 practice tests, to help prepare for the Scrum Alliance Exam. [/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”passrate” number=”2″ heading=”99% exam pass rate”]3Back students have better than a 99% pass rate on their first attempt at the Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster exam. Your exam fee is included with your course registration, so there are no hidden fees. 3Back makes it simple to become a Scrum Alliance Certified ScrumMaster.[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”membership” number=”3″ heading=”2 year Scrum Alliance membership”]3Back will cover your Scrum Alliance membership dues for the first 2 years, as well as your Scrum Master exam fee. That’s a $50 value, just for completing the course. How easy is that?[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”pmi” number=”4″ heading=”14 audit-proof PMI PDUs”]Since 3Back is a PMI Category A (previously referred to as Category 3) Registered Education Provider, you don’t have to worry about the security of your PDUs, even if you get audited![/pl_accordioncontent]
[pl_accordion name=”whatyouget”][pl_accordion name=”whatyouget”] [pl_accordioncontent name=”gettodone” number=”5″ heading=”FREE Scrum software: Get To Done®”]The most intuitive easy-to-use Scrum software will now be your playground! As a 3Back public course participant, you’ll receive free lifetime access* to the Scrum planning and implementation tool Get To Done® (a value of $60 per year). Start implementing the lessons from class right away!
*Access expires if account remains inactive for 12 consecutive months.[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”experts” number=”6″ heading=”Accredited training from Exploring Scrum authors”]3Back trainers don’t just teach Scrum; they have a combined 46 years of working on and with Scrum teams. They are authors of the Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals, the Scrum Study Guide and the agile tool Get To Done®, as well as world-renowned conference speakers. Learn more about your instructor for this course below.[/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”fun” number=”7″ heading=”Fun and Memorable learning experience”]3Back’s ScrumMaster course is an involved learning experience. You’ll be on your feet, discussing Scrum with class members, and [/pl_accordioncontent][pl_accordioncontent name=”freeretake” number=”8″ heading=”FREE course retake policy”]Even with heightened engagement, most of us only retain a fraction of what we learn. That’s why 3Back provides you with the option to retake our class. Whether you’re looking for another trainer’s perspective or just want to refresh your knowledge, you can do so within six months at no cost. More details at can be found in our policies.[/pl_accordioncontent]

Meet Your ScrumMaster Instructor: Doug Shimp

3Back Doug ShimpDoug Shimp has been using Scrum techniques since before he knew what the term meant. Doug is the founder of 3Back, Fortune 50 companies, small start-ups, and every size business in between. He understands how important it is for teamwork to be properly implemented, especially for developers.

That’s why he travels around the world training ScrumMasters and Product Owners. It’s also why he co-authored the book Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals.

Doug is looking forward to seeing you in Hartford for some hands-on Scrum Master training!

Meet Your ScrumMaster Instructor: Dan Rawsthorne

3Back Dan Rawsthorne Dan Rawsthorne is a pioneer in the Scrum industry. He spent years applying agile techniques for the military, and has now retired from the trenches to the classroom. He’s held nearly every role in software development, and he knows how teams can best utilize Scrum.

That’s why he works for 3Back teaching developers how to use Scrum to manage their products. He is also a co-author of Exploring Scrum: The Fundamentals.

Dan can’t wait to see you in Connecticut!

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