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3Back offers a comprehensive curriculum on Agile software development and Scrum training to assist you and your Teams regardless of which adoption stage you’re currently in. Our most popular courses, and those recommended to provide or reinforce the fundamentals, are our certified courses:

CSM  Certified ScrumMasterI walked out of the course with great satisfaction.

CSPO  Certified Scrum Product Owner

Lean Kanban University Certified Kanban Training  KMP II: Kanban Management Professional

If you’re seeking your PMI-ACP certification, we offer classes to help you prepare for your Agile Certified Practitioner exam.

PMI-ACP Logo  PMI-ACP Exam Prep

Certified Agile training is available for individual registration at public venues or as private on-site engagements for your company. Our certified Scrum and Kanban courses are recognized by the Scrum Alliance and Lean Kanban University respectively. These institutions are the original international certifying bodies for Scrum and Kanban training.

Agile Courses and Workshops

In addition to our certified courses, we offer a wide variety of specialized trainings and workshops to increase your Teams’ depth of knowledge on Agile development and the Scrum process. Each course or workshop is designed to address specific pain points that are common among developing Scrum and Agile Teams.

Scaling Scrum and Agile

Scrum Training & Workshops

Applying Agile in Your Organization

Leadership and Governance

Employee and Team Dynamics


What is Scrum?

Scrum is the fastest growing and most popular Agile framework across the globe. Scrum is a lightweight process framework for software development. Although commonly referred to as an Agile methodology, “framework” is the preferred term among Scrum and Agile experts, expressing the difference between Scrum and other more rigid or “heavy” methods.

Scrum LifecycleAgile methods or frameworks such as Scrum focus on people over processes, enhancing software development by accounting for the element of human and team dynamics. Conventional software development methods like waterfall are products of the manufacturing age and assume that software can be built in the same manner as a product on an assembly line. However, when manufacturing a product on an assembly line, the specifics of the desired outcome are known. This is rarely the case in software development. Scrum and Agile development address this by working in tight cycles, increasing the feedback loops and ability to adapt to changing requirements.


Why Scrum & Agile Training?

Agile Improvement Bar Graph

  • Don’t waste time!   Transforming your Team or organization to a new methodology is a big undertaking. Organized training will give you the kickstart you need and save you valuable time otherwise wasted on costly trial and error.
  • Stop attrition!   Increase employee retention by creating a work environment where Teams feel valued and empowered.
  • Compete with the best!   Bring your products to market faster by learning to adapt to the market’s changing desires.
  • Delight your clients!   Learn valuable skills to help you determine what your customers really want out of their software as well as techniques for delivering it within budget.


Why 3Back?

Scrum Study Guide

  • Applied Agile – We understand that nothing accelerates learning like a solid foundation of “why” followed by intensive hands-on experience, enabling students to learn how to make well-informed decisions based on Scrum and Agile methods, not just reiterate principles they’ve heard.
  • Free Scrum Study Guide – Get a free Scrum Study Guide ($49.95 value) when you attend our CSM course, and be prepared for the exam!
  • Accredited Training – 3Back is a Registered Education Provider (REP) for both the Scrum Alliance and PMI.
  • Exceptional Customer Service – 3Back is more than just a company. We are a belief system and a way of life. We understand that our clients’ success is our success and we strive to show it in everything we do! Drop us a line and find out for yourself: support@3Back.com
  • Need More Reasons? See what our customers are saying…
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