When A Team Graduates From Its Coach

When a Dev team, their Agile Coach, and Team Facilitator are working well together, it’s a great thing to see! The Agile Coach helps a number of teams to strengthen their use of Scrum, improve technical skills, and identify a team kaizen each Sprint. Each of these teams has a Facilitator whose role is to…

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What Do You Do When You Finish a Sprint Early?

finish a sprint early

So, let me talk about the easy stuff first. One of the best things that can happen to a Scrum Team is that it finishes its work early in a Sprint. It amazes me that Teams are confused about what to do, but they are. So here goes… If the Team finishes early, it seems to me there are two choices:

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The Twelve Days of Scrum

In the spirit of the holiday season, the 3Back Scrum Singers presents to you, “The Twelve Days of Scrum.” Feel free to sing along.

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8 Reasons Why You Should Stand For Your Daily StandUp

Why stand during the Daily StandUp? (Or Daily Scrum, as it is also commonly known.) I’ve been asked this question surprisingly often in recent training classes and coaching engagements. The easy answer is that standing with your Teammates for a few minutes every day is a part of Scrum.

“You’ll have to do better than that….”

Okay, let’s do better then.

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What Football Teaches Us About Scrum Teams

Even if you think that a “Fair Catch”[1] has something to do with a summer carnival fishing tournament and a “Flea Flicker”[2] can be eradicated with a dog collar, there are two things that all football and non-football fans know. The crazy intensity of the championship football season is among us. And, the only football…

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Why Size Matters

We at 3Back maintain that size impacts how well we “do Scrum.” Rather than talk about it behind closed doors, we present you an open and honest discussion about why size matters.

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