Scaling Scrum: Get 3Back’s Newest White Paper Now


Over time, something happens to many organizations. They want to provide even more value to even more Stakeholders. That means growth. Effective and efficient growth. Figuring out how to handle an organization’s growth so that you and your Team can do good work means scaling. And, scaling is hard. Very hard.

But, we’re here to help. Our newest white paper, Scaling, provides real-world knowledge on how to manage the challenge of successful scaling. The following is an excerpt from Scaling:

Usually, the Structure of a scaled Organization is easy to see; you can discern the Teams and sub-Teams that emerged as the Organization scaled. When done well, these Teams will be cohesive with relatively few dependencies between them; and you can understand how they could work together to provide value to their Stakeholders. If you are lucky, each Team will have an identifiable (formal) Team Captain, acting as its primary decision-maker.

However, we’re often not that lucky. The scaled Organization’s Governance – its actual decision-making process – could be hard to see. We hope that the sub-Teams are communicating and working together somehow, but it may not be obvious exactly how they’re doing it – it may be that their actual decision-makers are not their formal leadership. In real life, an Organization’s Governance can be formal, informal, or even stealth – an Organization’s overall Governance is often part of its Culture, not its official Process.

An Organization that scaled well will have both good Structure and good Governance. Unfortunately, many large organizations that are properly Structured are ruined by bad Governance. There are many ways that bad Governance can make a properly Structured Organization ineffective.

Discover the ways that bad Governance can ruin a well-Structured Organization.

Looking for more real-world knowledge on successful Scaling? We’ve got it.
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