Heroes don’t win games; Well-Formed Teams™ do.

Many people have asked me, “What is a Well-Formed Team, Marcelo?”. Well, there are many examples out there. But now, there should be at least 117 million viewers who’ve supposedly observed one, live and in-action.

Of course, I’m referring to last Sunday’s Big Game. Much of the conversation before the game centered around either individuals or components of the two rivals. Debating the differences that could leave either the Carolina Panthers or Denver Broncos as the eventual victors in this matchup.

While the differences will be discussed and debated for a long time to come, and regardless of where your allegiances stood with respect to the game, the outcome has been settled. The Denver Broncos won. Not Peyton Manning, not Von Miller (the MVP of the game), the Denver Broncos.

Well-Formed Team Football

There were individual contributions from different players. The field goals from Brandon McManus helped get the momentum going, set up by the Denver defensive line turnovers from Carolina. Interestingly, the veteran Denver QB Peyton Manning didn’t throw for a touchdown (2 point conversions don’t count the same, sorry.) but that’s not important anymore. What’s important is that for all the turnarounds, blocked passes, everything; they were all parts of the whole.

The plays fit together as parts of the whole product to deliver a win.

At the end of the game, as some of the players were interviewed, they smiled as they were lauded for their achievement. But if you listened to what they had to say, they all gave it back. Back to their Team. To everyone else on the Team, who did what was their part to do, when it was required, as it was required.

The Broncos defense swarmed around the Carolina offense. The Broncos offense stuck together to move forward on field position and burn down the clock (about the only good use of a Burndown).

So, when someone asks, “Give me an example of a Well-Formed Team?” They have clear evidence.

Well-Formed Teams are value-driven, self-organized and have leaders who can make decisions to handle “What’s next?” These Teams are constantly seeking to improve and have a coach and mentor to help them stay true to that aim. That’s the kind of winning team an organization should want to build, and keep together. A Well-Formed Team.

Does your Team need some sideline coaching? We’ve got coaching for that.

As Always, Stay Agile.