Scrum 3.0 White Paper Now Available


Only 10% of organizations are achieving ‘The Promise of Scrum’ (a 3x or more increase in performance). Why are 90% of organizations failing to achieve this promise?

  • Partial adoption of Scrum
  • Hybridization with other methods
  • Failing to embrace Scrum at all organizational levels.[1]

Is your organization part of that 90%? If so, read on.

We can talk Scrum theory until we’re blue in the face, but finding ways to make Scrum work in your reality, especially if that reality is a distributed workforce, requiring two Product Owners in two locations – one PO with the Stakeholders and one PO with the Scrum Team – that’s where the real learning is. That’s Scrum 3.0.

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Notes and Sources

  1. Sutherland, Jeff. Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time. New York, USA: Crown Business, 2014.