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Full Time and Part Time

3Back is a company made up of passionate individuals. We believe that the work we get to do is driven half by our desire and half by the opportunities that present themselves. We strive to be a company where people can work unfettered toward their passion. We take pride in doing the right thing and doing it well. We strive to help each other maintain a work-life balance. With good balance, work is more enjoyable and this brings out our best. We are always looking for likeminded folks who are interested in joining our team. If you are one of these folks, simply contact us to start a conversation.

Network Partners

Not everyone wishes to leave their current place of work, but still desire a chance to work with us in limited ways. We have found that this can often be good for both of us. If you would like to learn more about working with us as a Network Partner, please contact us. We are always looking to build balanced, cooperative relationships that will be mutually beneficial to all parties.

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