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AJ Biddles

Agility Instructor

Code drips from AJ Biddles’ fingers. And not just any code. Clean, quality code. AJ is hard-wired for software development with his dad writing code for as long as AJ can remember. Developing code alongside his dad, there was overriding conviction of testability. Their mantra was: Write clean code and test first. Dad worked on back-end stuff while AJ worked on the middle tier. Sitting side by side, they kicked out more clean code and great stuff than most teams with twice the manpower.

For AJ, clean code is about pride in craftsmanship. Coding is like painting the Mona Lisa; it engages the left and right sides of your brain. It’s creative, it’s a science, and it’s an art. Code must be easy to read and well written. Only then is code easy to maintain.

AJ’s fondest memory was working on a remote TeamLet development project. Sitting within inches of each other, feedback and requirements flew fast and furious. Code would be written and tested within minutes. A quick game of foosball over lunch and they were back cranking out code ‘til the wee hours of the morning.

As a key Developer for Get to Done®, AJ appreciates the approach. Get to Done® is an agile company doing software, rather than a software company doing agile. The Get to Done® tool coaches the correct Scrum team behavior and that’s the difference. Most tools dictate the behavior, but good Scrum behavior dictates the Get to Done® tool development.

Approaching Scrum training from the developer point of view, AJ always has been and always will be a geek. When he’s not coding for fun, AJ is running the scoreboard for his daughter’s games or riding the waves on his jet-ski in the bright, blue waters of Florida.

In addition to holding Scrum Alliance certifications for Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO), AJ also holds the more rigorous certification for Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).