Marc Applebaum, PhD

Agility Instructor

Marc Applebaum combines a unique depth of experience in executive coaching and team-building with psychological research expertise. He has coached business founders, senior managers, and business teams for more than 15 years, enabling them to lead, communicate, and manage changes more confidently. He works in a hands-on way with leaders and teams to identify, confront, and work through obstacles to effectiveness and creativity. Marc has worked with a variety of startups and well-established businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Clients have included biotech, ecommerce, advertising, design, and health & wellness businesses. What unifies his clients is their desire to achieve greater personal and team effectiveness, improved clarity in decision-making, and a sense of greater sense of ease and confidence in the midst of constant activity.

Marc is a member of the faculty of Psychology and Interdisciplinary Inquiry at Saybrook University in San Francisco and is a published researcher, serving on the Editorial Board of several psychology journals. He is currently conducting a study interviewing Silicon Valley executives on their experiences of unexpected leadership challenges.