Scrum is Scrum and it’s a beautiful thing. We both fell in love with Scrum in the late 1990’s. We realized that scrum, as it was first developed, was clean, elegant, Agile and echoed all the good Teams we’d seen in our lives. Since those early days, we have seen, and helped, many teams implement Scrum. We have seen that Scrum can be successfully implemented by a Team if it has the freedom and authority to do so. Of course each implementation is different in the details, as it adapts to its own environment and situation – but the core of scrum will be there, and the Team will succeed.

Over the years, enlightened Organizations saw how powerful good Teams, led by a single Product Owner, can be. The problem is, these Organizations wanted to know how to make Scrum work for them – they want to know how to build their own Scrum Teams – they wanted definitions, recipes, or instructions. That’s why we invented the Scrum  Model of Single-Team Scrum – to show how a single Team can produce Results for the Stakeholders by implementing the cleanest, most flexible version of Scrum available.

Learn how Scrum , when applied correctly, can help you adjust rapidly to emerging situations and maximize your organization’s ability to adapt.

The Scrum Handbook: Single-Team Scrum will help you:

  • Understand the evolution of the three significant variations in Product Ownership: Scrum 1.0, Scrum 2.0, and Scrum 3.0.
  • Identify how Scrum  transforms Team roles in Development: Production, Product Ownership, and Scrum Mastering for increased productivity and better teamwork.
  • Analyze the critically different pieces of the Results Backlog, Team Backlog, and Work in Progress.
  • Learn the benefits of the Scrum Process when the Sprint is a Continuous Flow with Sprintly interruptions.
  • Leverage your knowledge of Scrum with groundbreaking insight to make Scrum work better in your reality.

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Scrum  Handbook: Single Team Scrum
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November 5-9, 2018
Chicago, Illinois

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