Agile Scaling Professional

3Back_CASP1_Badge_v1.00.00Duration: 2 days
Prerequisites: CSM, CSPO, or equivalent foundational understanding of Scrum and/or Agile
Outcome: Agile Scaling Professional certification, skills and tools for effectively (re)scaling your organization

Required Reading:

Scaling White Paper
Understanding The Well-Formed Team™ White Paper
Agility White Paper

This class provides the following credential:
Certified Agile Scaling Professional

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Agile Scaling Professional – Overview

Scaling-Scrum-With-ScrumLearn Scaling Scrum with Scrum™ in 3Back’s Agile Scaling Professional (ASP) course. An agnostic approach to multi-team collaboration, this 2-day Agile scaling course lays the groundwork to enable Scrum and Agile practitioners to tackle the difficult, yet rewarding, job of Agile scaling.

3Back’s trainers incorporate hands-on, experiential learning to explore large Organizational Patterns to augment Scaling Patterns for the enterprise. In addition, ASP delivers a thorough assessment and analysis of two popular scaling methods, the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) from a Pattern-based perspective.

3Back’s ASP Agile scaling course delves deep into the real-world realities of scaling Agile as a mindset, rather than a recipe. Participants learn how to:

  • Prevent paradigm-induced blindness
  • Scale by making appropriate adjustments based on reality you have encountered
  • Avoid adjustments based on the paradigm you were told to follow

How Hard Can Scaling Be?

Building a successful Well-Formed Scrum Team can be a difficult yet rewarding endeavor. But what happens when one Team isn’t enough? Let’s face it, most of today’s projects are just too large for one Team to tackle alone. This causes a need for many organizations to scale their Scrum or other Agile framework.

Scaling is never easy. Whether scaling your family, business or Scrum implementation, complications have a way of growing exponentially alongside your efforts. Understanding the complexities of multi-Team environments and communication is critical to the successful scaling of Scrum and other Agile frameworks.

3Back’s expert trainers understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is implausible for each unique circumstance and environment. Therefore, our Scaling Bootcamp course is designed to provide guidance in the form of repeatable Patterns that can be adapted and applied to nearly any organization.

Agile Scaling Professional – Agenda

This 2-day certification course in Agile scaling is designed to promote the skills and competencies necessary to adjust scaling within an organization. The intensive ASP training is comprised of facilitated discussion and activities designed to explore the patterns and techniques behind successfully scaling Agile across organizations of varying size. Participants will study the essentials necessary to begin (re)scaling initiatives within an organization.

The following topics will be covered:

Review of Basic Scaling Patterns

  • Leadership Teams
    • Distribution Team
    • Consolidation Team
    • Program Team
  • Communication Teams
    • Scrum-of-Scrums
    • Cross-Cutting Workgroups
    • I&E Team (Integration & Evaluation)

Single-Team Leadership Patterns

  • Tannenbaum-Schmitt Continuum
  • Self-Organizing Team
  • ScrumMaster/Product Owner Interaction

Release Management Overview

  • Release Manager Outside Development Scrum Teams
  • Release Manager as Part of Management Team
  • Development of Release Plan
    • StoryPoints
    • Sizing of Stories and Epics (CFPs)
  • Monthly Update of Release Plan
    • Baselines (Size, BurnRate, ProdRate)
    • Actuals
    • Variability Analysis

Large Scaling Patterns

  • Management Team
  • Community of Practice
  • Integration and Evaluation Team
  • Standards Team

Making Other Scaling Methods Work

  • SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework)
  • LeSS (Large Scale Scrum)
  • Nexus
  • Scrum@Scale

Scaling Forces

  • Splitting Force (Span of Control) – I can’t do everything I need to do
    • Techniques to do More with Less – Getting better at what we do
    • Split Under Control – Doing more of what we know how to do
    • Split Out of Control – Trying something different as we split
  • Economy of Scale (Refactoring for Efficiency) – How come I see the same thing all over the place?
  • Localization (for Effectiveness, Anti-refactoring) – I actually need some of that over here

Techniques for Addressing Scaling

  • Emergence (Allowing for Variation) – Becoming more effective or becoming larger
  • Improving Quality – Delivering more with less effort
  • Effective Scaling Management – Scaling ownership

3Back Scaling Scrum with Scrum

Agile Scaling Professional – Outcomes

  • Acquire the tools to tackle the complex issues of scaling and how to adjust organizational structure appropriately
  • Assess how projects are managed in a large, scaled organization
  • Understand the critical nature of Structure vs. Governance for scaling success
  • Recognize how good leadership drives effective Governance
  • Know where to facilitate adjustments in the style of decision-making
  • Learn how to negotiate complex scaling methods with small patterns to achieve more effective Governance
  • Evaluate appropriate ‘large’ Organization Patterns (COP, etc.)
  • Explore how to do more with LeSS and how to make SAFe safer
  • Discern how to balance the needs of a Product/Project based organization vs. a Functional (People) based organization

Who Should Attend?

Agile Scaling Professional is designed for individuals who will be engaged in the widespread implementation of Scrum or Agile techniques across the organization. This workshop is appropriate for those involved in your organization’s scaling initiative, whether from a strategic, tactical, or support position. We strongly recommend this workshop for the following:

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