May the Forces Be With You

May the Forces Be With You, Exploring the Forces Driving and Restraining Agile


The Players – Two volunteer teams, up to 8 people each. Three ‘judges’, invited agile experts.

Getting Ready – The two teams representing the Driving and Restraining forces will be created from audience volunteers.

Discussing the Forces – The Driving and Restraining teams meet to discuss their forces and select their most powerful 2-4 forces.

Some forces others have found are …


Early and Continuous Feedback, Better Teamwork, Faster Delivery of Business Value, Adaptable to Change, Team Health & Empowerment, Visible Project Status


Resistance to / Fear of Change, Distributed Environment, Organizational Politics, Non – Collaborative Environments, Unplanned Scope Creep, QA Reluctance, Engineering Anxiety

Prepare to Present the Forces – The teams will prepare a presentation that discusses or demonstrates the most powerful force.

The Presentations – The teams will alternate presenting their forces.

The Judging – The judges score the Force a Power Rating on a scale of 1 to 10 and the Team’s Presentation for Creativity, Originality and FUN!

scrum agile forcesThe Scoreboard -The Force strength and presentation points are totaled on a scoreboard.

The Discussion -The coaches lead an open discussion about the force presented.

Author: Rod Claar