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Course FAQs

Certified ScrumMaster

How do I become a Certified ScrumMaster?
Can I become a Certified ScrumMaster without taking a CSM class?
Do I take the CSM exam during class?
How and when do I take the CSM exam?
What if I fail the CSM exam?
Do I have to pay extra for the exam?
More than 90 days has passed since my CSM course. Can I still take the exam?
Tell me more about the CSM exam.
What is the Scrum Alliance?
Can I get PDUs, SEUs and/or CEUs for this class? How many?
What is required for the CSM Certification renewal in 2 years?
How do I claim my PDUs?

Advanced Certified ScrumMaster

What are the prerequisites for the A-CSM class?
Can I take the A-CSM course before I have the required work experience?
Is there a test after the class?
Do I need to have Scrum Master experience to receive the A-CSM Certification?
What is the Scrum Alliance?
What is required for the A-CSM Certification renewal in 2 years?
Can I get PDUs and SEUs for this class? How many?
What are the requirements to finish my On-Demand A-CSM certification?
I completed the A-CSM course, but my certification is not showing up on my Scrum Alliance Account. Why?

Certified Scrum Product Owner

How do I become a Certified Scrum Product Owner?
Is there an exam following the CSPO class?
What is the Scrum Alliance?
Can I get PDUs, SEUs and/or CEUs for this class? How many?
What is required for the CSPO Certification renewal in 2 years?
How do I claim my PDUs?

Before and During Class

What do I get with my enrollment?
What is the dress code for the class?
How do I prepare for class?
Do I need any prior knowledge of Scrum, Kanban and/or agile?
What do I need to bring to class?
Do I need to bring a laptop to class?
When does the class begin and end each day?
Will there be breaks during class?
What is the agenda for the class?
Will lunch be served during class?
Can I bring outside food to class?
I have allergies or other dietary restrictions. Will I need to bring my own food?
I have a handicap or mobility issue. Can you accommodate me?
What if I can only attend part of the class?
What if I need to leave class early?
I will be traveling from out of town. Can I get a discount on my hotel reservation?
Will there be free parking?
How large is the class?
Will this course run?

Course Delivery

What is the difference between Live Online and On-Demand courses?
What is On-Demand?
What is Live Online?
What are the requirements for Live Online courses?
How will I get all the required materials?
How are Live Online classes being delivered?
What is the deadline for completing On-Demand courses?
What is the style of On-Demand courses? How long does it take to complete?
I need to attend 4 Open Discussion Hour sessions to get certified. How do I schedule this session?
Is the certification you get after completing the course (CSM, CSPO, or A-CSM) the same whether the course was taught Live Online, On-Demand, or In-Person?
Who can be a study buddy for On-Demand classes?

Payment, Rescheduling and Cancellation

Are there additional fees I should know about?
How do I guarantee my seat in the class?
What are my payment options?
Do you accept purchase orders?
Do you accept corporate checks?
Do you offer group discounts?
Can I reschedule my attendance to a different class?
Can I transfer my registration to a different person?
What is your cancellation policy?
What happens if the course gets cancelled?
Can I take the class again?


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