Scrum Better with Kanban

Duration: 8 Hours
Prerequisites: None, though a good understanding of Scrum would be helpful.
Credentials issued: Scrum Better With Kanban (SBK) credential from Kanban University
Is there an Exam?: No Exam Required

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Scrum Better with Kanban — Overview


Scrum Better with Kanban can help you improve your Scrum through the introduction of proven Kanban practices, principles, and application of evolutionary change management. This course captures the lessons learned from Scrum teams that successfully evolved their way of working by using evolutionary change found in the Kanban Method. Our guided, hands-on training will ensure that you walk away with an approach to introducing improvements that will help you and your teams “uncover better ways” to deliver results and organization.


Learning Activities and Outcomes:

  • Assess any current benefits and challenges existing in your current environment (Start where you are).
  • Learn a critical thinking approach to identify, analyze and decompose some areas of improvement where challenges exist in your organization (Pursue improvement through experiments).
  • Uncover some strategies for overcoming common Scrum dysfunctions or anti-patterns.
  • Learn about the Kanban Method principles and practices and how you may apply them to your Scrum teams.
  • Uncover some actions and/or solutions you can undertake and test improvements to your use of Scrum (Scrum your Scrum!).
  • Learn how you could use this same approach to uncover, apply and sustain improvements beyond your team..

What You Get

  • Guided learning material (led by a trainer who is both a CST and AKT), exercises and simulations.Marcelo Lopez leading a training course

Is this for me?

If you are a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Developer, Product Owner, Manager, or member of a team using Scrum and you want to understand an evolutionary approach to improving your Scrum using the Kanban practices, the Scrum Better with Kanban course is a great place to get started!

  • Scrum Master or Agile Coach: “My job is to help teams using Scrum to improve and realize their full potential. I work with many Scrum teams in this large complex organization. How can I help these teams embrace their opportunities for improvement?”
  • Manager or Team member: “I want to help my team improve and get better at doing Scrum. What can I do to give them ideas and learn from prior attempts at improvement?”

What are you waiting for??