Scrum Resources

The scrum resources section is a comprehensive library with tools to help teams achieve their goals. It includes a scrum overview of the primary terms used in scrumscrum resources stain glass projects and an illustrative visual representation of the scrum cycle encompassing backlogs, sprints, and shippable products. Teams can ascertain how much they can realistically accomplish within each sprint. Furthermore, we provide a range of helpful products, such as workbooks and other training materials, to help support the scrum team.

Agile Wellspring offers scrum resources and white papers to help readers better understand agility, done, leadership, scaling, and teams. Each of these topics is fundamental to successfully utilizing scrum methods in the workplace. The white papers provide an overview of scrum topics and current scrum trends to give readers the knowledge they need to apply scrum techniques effectively. All the topics go beyond the basics and dive deeply into the scrum practices needed for successful implementation. Agile Wellspring is an excellent resource for understanding scrum principles and theories from experienced practitioners.

For those wishing to teach scrum to others, our presentation collection offers multiple formats of introduction presentations that are fully redistributable and available in different languages.

We hope you enjoy our Scrum Resources. Please ask if you don’t see something you like and want a specific request.