Top 10 Scrum and Agile Infographics

The old saying is correct. A picture truly is worth a thousand words. So, in that vein, we present to you our top 10 Scrum/Agile Infographics. Granted, some of our favorite infographics we have designed ourselves. However, we are as appreciative as we are agile. You will note that several of these infographics were designed by others in our community and continue to inspire us in our Scrum world.

1. The Cycles of Miscommunication

The Cycles of Miscommunication Infographic

Ok, so we started out with one of our own. But, it’s a Scrum fan fave. Following the life cycle of this cycle speaks volumes on the importance of both listening to what is really being said and not said and always, always, always getting feedback.

2. Welcome To The New Workstyle

Welcome to the new workstyle

We know you may be looking at this one and saying, “Where’s the Scrum?” But, take a step back and you’ll see the new workstyle this infographic describes is Scrum all the way. Its theme of people over process, adaptability, inspiration, and of course donning casual clothes over bowties is right up our Scrum alley.

3. Your Future Online is Agile

Your Future Online

This is an infographic specifically about social marketing efforts and the importance of being agile. It’s not technically a Scrum-based image. But, we really like it. This infographic nicely captures some of, for lack of better words, the ‘mental mantras’ many Scrum Teams find themselves saying as they progress through a Sprint.

4. Scrum Team Accountability

Accountability in Scrum

This one just says it all when it comes to accountability. We especially like how it delineates the distinct and shared accountabilities between ScrumMaster and Product Owner and the interconnectedness of the Scrum Team.

5. Agile vs. Traditional Mindsets

Agile Vs Traditional Mindsets

This infographic speaks to those of us who spent many a day working in a traditional mind set kind of world and have now found how refreshing an agile world can be. If you find yourself reading this infographic and nodding your head, you’ve been there too.

6. 10 Reasons Why Your Scrum Project is Failing

0 reasons why your scrum project is failing

Many of the reasons here serve as a nice reality check to any Scrum Team. We especially like #1 and #7 as they capture some concerns we sometimes forget about, such as #1’s achieving that just right size of your Scrum Team or #7’s ensuring the Team is involved in the Sprint Planning process. We do take issue with #8, since we think BuildUp Charts provide better value than Burndown. For more information on why we feel that way, read this.

7. The Product Owner Dilemma

So often the Product Owner is in a state of push and pull, trying to manage the inward and outward forces that drive developing the right product at the right time. This infographic captures that dilemma quite nicely.

8. Iterative Development

Iterative Development

We like how this infographic reinforces the link between iterative development practices and the planning/development/feedback loops inherent to Scrum. While the design is a bit mesmerizing, it’s accurate.

9. RAT Remembering Agile Teams

RAT remembering agile teams

Yep it’s a rat. But, he makes some rudimentary yet relevant points.

10. Popular Misconceptions of Agile

Popular Misconceptions of Agile

If you’ve ever had to justify until you’re blue in the face what being agile really looks like, this infographic is the epitome of a big, agile, “So there!” We like how it gracefully makes its point. We might even quote it next time we’re cornered with some “Agile is Evil” believers. 10 Infographics. All worthy, we’d argue, of printing out and posting on a wall, or keep them stashed in the back of your mind for those times you need a little Scrummy inspiration. And stay tuned for our latest infographic that captures the connectivity of Scrum Roles, Artifacts and Ceremonies.

As Always, Stay Agile.