Agile Engineering: What the heck is that?

We all talk about ScrumMasters, Product Owners and Business Owners and their roles to empower agility across their organizations. But how does Engineering fit into the Dev Team member role of a Well Formed Team® and what does an “Agile Engineer” look like?

Marcelo and Rick at Agile Transformation Summit

During the Agile Transformation Summit 2015 last week, hosted by the South Florida Agile Association, our very own Marcelo Lopez and Rick Regueira, Sr. Agile Coach with IPC Subway (and SFAA board President), gave a great presentation on Agile Engineering.


In the presentation, Marcelo and Rick discussed the definition of Agile Engineering, some of the challenges people face to get to a Well Formed Teams®, and how organizations can help foster those engineering skills within their teams.

To learn more about Agile Engineering, the full presentation can be found here. Enjoy!