Certified Scrum Professional

certified scrum professionalThe Scrum Alliance has updated their program for Scrum. The designation of Certified Scrum Practicing has been changed to Certified Scrum Professional (CSP). The main reason for this change has been to improve the brand and image recognition. This marks a good step forward with a focus on the CSP designation being the real deal. Take a CSD, CSM or CSPO course forms a simple pathways to recognized expertise in applied scrum. The real deal is the CSP which is now a year practicing scrum, a writeup of your experience and defense of your work.

Another interesting observation about this move is the use of the 3 letter abbreviation does not need to change. Which helps with branding and those in the CSP community. Many use the 3 letters to brand themselves on resumes, titles, etc. so the switch is less painful.

Raising bar on agile / scrum expertise is a good step for our community and we are excited to see this move by the Scrum Alliance.