On-demand Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® Training (A-CSM®)

You asked for Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® Training (A-CSM®) in a flexible, on-demand, web-based format. You asked for live, virtual Q&A sessions with expert Scrum trainers. You asked for more interactive discussions on challenging Scrum issues and learning from others within the Agile community. We listened. That is why beginning April 13, 2020, 3Back’s Advanced Certified ScrumMaster (A-CSM) Training will be available online in unique, self-paced, modular training sessions.

Interactive Learning Without Needing To Be In A Classroom

3Back is known throughout the Scrum community for our hands-on training style. We recognize how important it is to learn experientially and benefit from the real-world expertise our 3Back trainers bring to the classroom. For this reason, our A-CSM Training is specifically designed to foster interactive learning from peers and experts in an easily accessible, virtual environment.

We’ve taken our classroom-based A-CSM Training and transformed it into a robust learning experience that builds upon your current CSM skills to facilitate your Scrum Team’s development, teamwork, and continuous improvement – with the flexibility and convenience of online training. Learn at your own pace, practice newly acquired knowledge in real-time, and earn your A-CSM credential from Scrum Alliance®.

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What Can You Expect From Self-Paced On-demand A-CSM Training?

  • 13 Self-Paced Modules
    A-CSM Training topics are broken down into 13 individual modules, each available for your viewing on-demand. On average, students complete the online A-CSM course in three months, but you are in control of the timeframe.
  • 13 Hands-On, Remote Study Buddy Sessions
    Each module offers opportunities for interactive learning with Study Buddies, other A-CSM students learning the same content. Together, you and your Study Buddy meet virtually to reflect on your learning, collaborate on module-based projects, and Virtual A-CSM Training Course - Coaching Sessionmaintain accountability with sign-offs on each other’s work. You may work remotely with the same Study Buddies throughout the course or partner with a different Study Buddies per self-paced module.
  • 4 Weekly, 1- Hour, Live Q&A, Coaching, and/or Discussion Sessions with a 3Back Scrum Trainer
    Using video conferencing, 3Back will offer weekly hour-long Q&A, coaching, and/or discussion sessions with a 3Back trainer. We encourage you to use this time to ask questions, gather insights from experts and peers, as well as dialogue on Scrum topics.

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What Else Will You Learn in A-CSM?

Fine-Tune Your Facilitation

Online A-CSM Training sharpens your ScrumMaster skills, focusing on the day-to-day challenges of bringing people together to deliver value. By picking up where CSM Training leaves off, online A-CSM fine-tunes your facilitation skills to:

  • Foster better dialogue between your Team, PO, Stakeholders, and customers
  • Leverage the wisdom of your entire Team
  • Navigate challenging conversations
  • Confront and resolve conflicts
  • Encourage collaboration without taking ownership

Expand Your Agility

In addition to improving your facilitation skills, online A-CSM Training continues to cultivate your role as an Agile expert, gaining recognition within your Team and your organization.

  • Increase company-wide engagement, accountability, commitment, and buy-in
  • Manage impediments to enable long-term adoption of Scrum
  • Increase organizational productivity through scaling
  • Demonstrate the value of Scrum to skeptics
  • Support executives committed to Agile values and principles

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Don’t Disrupt Your Scrum Learning

Now, more than ever, online A-CSM Training makes good sense. And, while we’ll miss seeing you face to face in class, we’re prepared to bring you the Advanced ScrumMaster Certification skills you need in a self-paced, interactive, online format.

3Back’s On-demand A-CSM Training is here.

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