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We partner with organizations that wish a deep dive into applied agile product development. We are committed to stimulating innovative results with proper management support. These types of services are “advanced” because they require a mutual deep commitment on our part and yours. These engagements are enriching because we get to see your team change over time and you have us committed to your success. We find these types of engagements emerge from a simple training course or seminar.


Setting up and configuring healthy functioning teams is hard. Through a combination of our trainingcoaching and ourpartnership network we offer individuals who are trained at helping establish “hyperproductive teams”.


For select projects, 3Back staff will engage long term and put our “boots on the ground” with your staff. To engage in this type of work, we will need to have preliminary conversation to see if a match of resources, talent and desire exists on both sides.


How ready is your team and organizations for adopting agile? Are you making the best use possible of your teams?


Setting up and running a “distributed scrum or agile team” requires more than just a phone and email. What is needed is a framework that has examples, norms, tools and behaviors ready for adoption by the team. We offer a training environment that can be quickly tailored  to a particular client’s needs. We will work with your team to establish it’s communication norms, a requirements process, techical skills and an understanding of the how to make a distributed effort work. It is no surprise that distributed teams require “human discipline” to make them work, many of the common pitfalls can be avoided and team learning can be accelerated with the right guidence.

Teams that pursue this approach achieve productivity levels 10x higher than teams that don’t. And they can accelerate to those levels within 3 months with initial training and periodic followup guidence. Organizations that have pursued training with us have “hyperproductive teams” that are valuable assets for their product development objectives.

Please Contact Us for a unique conversation specific to your product needs so that we can help each other understand how this would work for you.

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