Brian Glatzel

3Back Brian Glatzel

Director of Operations

Easton, CT, USA
Phone: 1.855.32.3BACK ext. 321


Growing up in Wisconsin and attending high school in England, Brian Glatzel was a world traveler at a young age. Adapting to a new culture and a new school, Brian learned to embrace change. After a few years abroad, Brian returned to the US to attend college at the Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

After college, Brian began a new printing enterprise with his family. In the fast-paced environment of quick printing, Brian instinctively understood the importance of daily stand-ups. Brian knew this ritual was the key to understanding his team’s capacity. Learning about project management, team dynamics, and work flow, Brian expanded his business to two locations and doubled his employees. After nearly twenty years in the printing business with several years as the Business Owner, Brian was ready for a new adventure.

As one of the first team members to join 3Back, Brian brings his savvy business sense to the operational side of the company. Serving as our Director of Operations and Client Services and acting as our ScrumMaster, Brian keeps the pulse of our team balanced with the demands of our work. You can find Brian on client calls asking about the health of your team to determine where the talent of 3Back can mature your team to its fullest capability.  With experience on our Scrum team, Brian also recognizes the power of writing a good story. A well-crafted story can move a team to swarm on the work and bring products to market faster for internal and external customers.

The outdoors is where Brian spends his after-hours. Whether camped out on the golf course or next to a camp fire with a troop of Boy Scouts, Brian is all about the power of the team.

Brian is a Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) with the Scrum Alliance and a trained Facilitator for Innovation Games™.