What Agile Professionalism Really Looks Like

We can probably all agree that professionalism is something we expect from someone who is doing a job or providing a service. We trust that if the job is worth the time to do then it is worth the time to do well. To get a little more descriptive, we could add that professionalism is an expected standard of education and training which prepares members of a profession with the particular knowledge and skills necessary to perform their specific role. Regardless of the job title (coders, testers, writers, analysts, etc.), professionalism is something that’s implicit to the role. And is a quality that must come first and foremost.

But, in the world of Agile, what does professionalism really look like?

By examining a simple approach to Done, we can best answer that question.

Agile Professionals:

  • Use a Standard of Care (SoC)
  • Clarify Acceptance Criteria (AC)
  • Make General Agreements (GA)
  • Do their Due Diligence (DD)
  • Work well with others’ Team Norms (TN)
  • Meet a Definition of Done (DoD)
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The art of professionalism is in unfolding work fluidly; discovering and adapting as you go. The more complexity in the work stream, the more the art of professionalism matters. For Agile professionals, quality is built into every step of their work. Quality is not an afterthought, or a ‘will fix it later’ mindset. Agile Professionals are adept at the art of their work.

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