Introducing 3Back’s Agile Scaling Professional Training

Agile Scaling Professional TrainingYou asked for more in-depth, experiential training on how to tackle the difficult, yet rewarding, job of Agile scaling.

We delivered.

We are excited to offer 3Back’s newest training course, Agile Scaling Professional (ASP).

This course expertly builds upon the foundations of fundamental and basic scaling Patterns covered in Scaling Scrum with Scrum (SSwS). Learn valuable scaling skills and become a Certified Agile Scaling Professional.

ASP delves deep into the real-world realities of scaling Agile as a mindset, rather than a recipe. Participants learn how to:

  • Prevent paradigm-induced blindness
  • Scale by making appropriate adjustments based on reality you have encountered
  • Avoid adjustments based on the paradigm you were told to follow

3Back’s trainers incorporate hands-on, experiential learning to explore:

  • Large Organizational Scaling Patterns
  • Single-Team Leadership Patterns
  • Release Management Overview
  • Making Other Scaling Methods Work
  • Scaling Forces
  • Techniques for Addressing Scaling

If you are engaged in the widespread implementation of Scrum across your organization, whether from a strategic, tactical or support position, we now have even more extensive training for that.

And, if you’re looking for a stronger foundational understanding of scaling, we’ve got training for that too.

We’re scheduling ASP courses now.
Want an ASP class in your city? Let us know.

As Always, Stay Agile.