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Scrum, as it was first developed, was clean, elegant and Agile. It was, and still is, a beautiful concept. The problem is, it’s a concept. Today, Organizations want more than concepts. They want real tools that help them make Scrum work in their reality – especially if that reality is a distributed workforce, requiring two Product Owners in two locations – one PO with the Stakeholders and one PO with the Scrum Team.

Can you make Scrum work in that reality?

You can. And that’s why we wrote our newest white paper, Scrum 3.0.

The Scrum 3.0 white paper will help you:

  • Understand the evolution of the three significant variations in Product Ownership: Scrum 1.0, Scrum 2.0, and Scrum 3.0.
  • Identify how Scrum 3.0 transforms Team roles in Development: Production, Product Ownership, and Scrum Mastering for increased productivity and better teamwork.
  • Analyze the critically different pieces of the Results Backlog, Team Backlog, and Work in Progress.
  • Learn the benefits of the Scrum Process when the Sprint is a Continuous Flow with Sprintly interruptions.
  • Leverage your knowledge of Scrum 3.0 with groundbreaking insight to make Scrum work better in your reality.

Discover why Scrum 3.0 is the cleanest, most flexible, and most Agile version of Scrum. Scrum 3.0 is a scale-ready extension of Scrum.

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