Scrum Guide: A Sacred Text?


As practitioners, the Scrum Guide is an important document and embodies core shared values, aims, and language. With any important, foundational text, the question comes up: how should we relate to it? Specifically: should we view the Scrum Guide as something like a Sacred Text, or in some other way? By “Sacred Text,” we mean…

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The 6 Scrum Values Your Team Needs To Excel

With The Big Game around the corner this Sunday, ‘Team Talk’ is everywhere. Whether it’s sportscasters’ analysis of which football team will triumph on the gridiron or office water cooler debates over which defensive line is truly the best, what everyone is really talking about is Teams. As Scrum/Agile practitioners and tried and true football fans, we know two things for sure…

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Team Values

Scrum Team Values

Scrum is successful largely because it is based on values. The collection of Team Values listed here are ones I want Scrum Teams to have, and it would be nice if the Team Members have them (as individuals), as well.

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Scrum Values, Visibility and Trust Loops

Some fundamentally disagree with this statement. For those that disagree Trust is given freely. They give trust freely until such time as a person irrevocably betrays that trust. They believe that this leads to a method of management that creates hostile antagonistic workplaces rife with fear. A pattern of mistrust is established that leads others to be mistrustful and perpetuates a negative cycle of oppression.

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