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4 Scrum Stats That Management (And Your Team) Need To Know

In this season of thanks, we at 3Back are thankful that Scrum continues to prove itself as an influential, effective, and expanding Agile methodology. Despite our gratitude, we also know that there are others out there (maybe it's your management or that Team Member who is less than thrilled with the recent switch to Scrum) who may need a little more convincing. Read More

Anatomy of a Retrospective

Effective problem-solving meetings follow a basic three-stage format: open, explore, close. Effective Retrospectives are no different; following the same format with the addition of five distinct stages which overlay the basic three. These five stages: Set the Stage, Gather Data, Generate Insights, Decide What to Do, and Close, create the environment to harvest the greatest Team learning. Read More

The Importance Of Cleaning As You Go: Agile Attractor #9

The reality is that work, especially complex work that we love, is beautifully messy. That’s why as a Well-Formed Team it’s important to “clean as we go,” meaning each of us goes to great lengths to keep our work prioritized, organized, and squeaky clean. Read More

The Secret To Being A Perfect Team Captain And Not A Bad Boss

Every manager or leader wants to be a Perfect Team Captain. Every organization wants to have Perfect Team Captains in all their leadership and management positions. So why are so many managers and leaders Bad Bosses? Why do so many of them become overbearing, micromanaging, autocrats? Read More

Why Scaling Agile Often Fails

When we’re talking how to successfully scale Agile in your Organization, having a clear picture of your Organization’s Governance is key. We discuss Governance at length in our Scaling white paper... Read More

The Power of Team Engagement: Agile Attractor #8

Remember our Agile Attractors - those distinctly 3Back Adages which shape our thoughts and actions, and align with what we may be experiencing in our 3Back environment? (If this isn’t ringing a bell, take a minute to read this.) Read More

Using Kanban To Improve Your Team’s Delivery

There’s a misconception out there that metrics will save us. KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are the magical saviors of projects and Teams (and budgets if you ask certain influencers). That’s not really the case. Metrics inform decision making. The question is, who’s doing the deciding? Read More

8 High-Priority Skills To Be An Actionable Leader

What is an actionable leader? To us at 3Back, an actionable leader is someone who: Redefines the definition of leadership with management as a group responsibility. Works together to find the most efficient way for a business to achieve its goals. Maintains the happiness of the Team as a priority. Read More